It is our mission to help corporate leaders create equitable and inclusive workplaces for their employees of diverse identities. To that end, our objective is to support corporate clients to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the company’s framework.

Using our proprietary E.A.R.N.™ methodology, we partner with corporate clients to cultivate equity-conscious programs and policies that are unique to your organization. We assess your organization to determine where you are on the DEI spectrum against where you aspire to be. We then work together to draft a strategic plan to help you achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes in your DEI journey. We can then partner with you to implement the strategic plan or remain at the ready to assist you as needed.


"Luaskya put so much care and thought into her consulting! It’s clear she has a breadth of knowledge and expertise to share. Her support has been invaluable. Luaskya’s work has not only supported our membership with growth but also with retention. Diversity and inclusivity are core values of ours and Luaskya’s guidance is helping us to stay true to our values and to deepen our impact."

⁓ Belma


"I headed one of our Employee Resource Groups and was frustrated with the lack of structure and lack of impact that our DEI program was facing. The first time I talked with Luaskya, she did an audit of what we currently had in place, what we had already planned on doing, and what we wanted as ideal state. Luaskya developed a unique plan to truly enact change and create meaningful impact within our company."

⁓ Ellen