It is our goal to help clients flourish and live their best life!

Corporate coaching: We offer corporate coaching services to companies seeking to create equitable opportunities for marginalized groups within your organization.

We also offer coaching services to leaders in transition, either as individual contributors to management or first-line managers to executives.

As a result of working with Equity Principle Consulting, high-performing leaders gain the leadership skills needed to move up the corporate ladder or to overcome the obstacles in their path to success, all with the goal of equipping their leaders to rise to the challenge to be a leader of impact.

Private Coaching: We offer private coaching services to women of color who are dissatisfied with their careers or personal life. Equity Principle Consulting can help you realize what you truly want and need to do to pursue your goals with authenticity and intentionality.


As my life coach (and as my first time working with one), she [Luaskya] thoroughly explained the program to me and empowered me to determine my goals and guided me through planning how I would achieve them. She actively listened during each of our sessions. She walked me through the goals I wanted to achieve and asked me hard questions. She was patient in her problem-solving and persisted in supporting me through answering those questions. At the end of each session, I felt empowered, hopeful, and positive about the goals we discussed and my ability to achieve them. Because of her support, I am well on my way to achieving my goals. I would highly recommend her as a life coach.

⁓ Raki W.

Marketing Executive/Business Owner


Luaskya is an amazing coach. She has such a natural talent for it. Her intuition, discipline, and professionalism make up only some of the traits she excels in that make her an excellent coach. Not everyone has the ability to come up with questions within a conversation to provoke thought. She leads the way to help one self-analyze and push themselves to being "better". Whether it’s better at a certain task or a better person, Luaskya’s skills help lead the way.

⁓ Dorrene K.