About Equity Principle Consulting

I am Luaskya Nonon, CEO and founder of Equity Principle Consulting. I am an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant, leadership coach, speaker, and attorney.

I am a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)®, a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, a Certified Executive Culture Coach, and a corporate attorney with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

My passion is to help leaders create equitable and inclusive corporate cultures and empower women leaders to authentically pursue their dreams with courage and intentionality.

As an attorney, employers sought my support to address diversity and equity issues from a compliance perspective. However, it quickly became apparent that a compliance-based approach to responding to systemic inequities would not address the problems identified within workplace cultures.

Equity Principle Consulting offers strategic consulting and executive coaching services based on data-driven analysis to organization leaders seeking to create inclusive and equitable workplace cultures.

My years of experience within the IT and biomedical industries have given me significant insight into the many operational intricacies these companies must navigate.

My perspective as an in-house attorney has granted me a different lens through which to appreciate the pain points of these environments. Yet, my education, values, and lived experience, combined with my years within these industries, equip me to help you achieve sustainable outcomes in your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Organizational culture transformation doesn’t happen overnight; it requires leadership commitment, intentionality, consistent effort, and time.

If you’re up for the challenge, Equity Principle Consulting is here to help create a custom solution for your organization.

Woman in burgandy jumpsuit standing with arms crossed and smiling.
Luaskya Nonon with the Triangle Business Journal Award
Triangle Business Journal Award